Sizi Arayalım

Turnstile Access Control

Turnstile systems are used to protect a certain area or institution and to carry out entry and exit regularly.

Turnstile systems, which are a metal barrier, allow the access of defined users through smart software. In case the card or other readers are not registered in the database, the system gives warning and prevents the entries.

The benefits of the system are to limit the entry of undesired and unauthorized people to a certain area.

Although it is a product that comes to mind firstly during individual and corporate needs, certain hesitations of people arise about the prices of turnstile access control systems. However, it is necessary to make a price determination by exploring the area where the products where there is no fixed price will be installed by expert personnel. Today, even in our daily lives, we often encounter barrier and turnstile systems. In this case, it increases the popularity of the product gradually.