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The latest technology

Information and Security systems ADOREL Bilişim employees, who provide all kinds of services in the process from technology to design, strategy to operation, will also affect the lifestyle of individuals and companies.

Stable Service

Expressing that they are walking firmly to the future, ADOREL Bilişim employees fulfill their duties completely in every operation.

Quality Staff

ADOREL IT employees are always ready to provide the best service with customer demands, compliance audits, competence and training, risk and controllable data.


The employees of ADOREL Bilişim work to be the leading company in the sector with the tasks to be fulfilled and the tasks to be done on time.

Established in Erzurum in 1995, Adorel Electronics has developed medium and large-scale projects in the sector, introducing new Electronics technologies to our country and following the latest innovations in technology; It continues its activities in Ankara since 2010 in order to contribute to the modern level of our electronics sector.Since its founding,with its continuing professionalism, creativity, honesty and market development features, it has achieved steady growth and has gained a respectable place in the world of Electronics.

The company management, which closely follows the developments in the sector and the new demands in the market, continues to be one of the leading companies in the sector with its strong administrative and financial accumulation.Since its establishment, which continues to implement major engineering projects, in every region of Turkey and many countries worldwide; has signed many pioneering and exemplary, high quality and innovative projects.

Adorel, which has achieved a respectability in its sector by completing its commitments on time and above the expected quality levels, has been influential in its experience and professionalism, and the strategy and organizational success developed by its management staff.

Adorel family adopts using modern management techniques in all its production and projects as its main policy to complete its projects on time by preferring proven, quality-certified materials and workmanship in the market.