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Living Areas Intelligent Management System

LIVING AREA is the SMART MANAGEMENT system in which the information of the People and All Fixtures in the living area are kept.
It is difficult and complex to follow, coordinate and manage in large life centers;
Permanent solutions can be found by intervening through the system in situations such as entry, exit, permit, placement and displacement.
BAMAYES is a smart system that allows all kinds of materials, goods storage and distribution processes to be performed properly.
It allows people to track the amount of electricity and water they use with smart cards.

BAMAYES can easily organize the patient registration, referral and treatment procedures of the Health units.
Central smart management provides the possibility to carry out the transactions from a single center by adding the demands that will arise later, as well as providing convenience and savings in many ways.

It enables all kinds of movement, repair, maintenance and repair services of official or rental vehicles.
It is an integrated system that combines technology, device and human resources, providing the highest efficiency and savings.

Central Intelligent Management System Features
- Personnel Attendance Control Tracking - Technical Service Maintenance Repair Procedures - Birth / Death Transactions Tracking
- Entry-Exit Control Tracking - Stock Status Tracking - Hospital Dispatch Transactions Status Tracking
- Visitor Entry-Exit Control Tracking - Aid Distribution Process Tracking - Tracking of Trainings Given
- Permitted Going Out Requests - Vehicle Tracking and Vehicle Fuel Processing Tracking - Water and Electricity Meters tracking
- City, District, Neighborhood Building, House, Container Occupancy Rate Tracking - Follow-up of Task Assignments-Forensic Actions
- Fixture Tracking - Tracking Marriage Transactions - Post Tracking Process Tracking
- Follow-up of Business Planning - Follow-up of Newborn Child Transactions - Reporting Procedures

Thanks to the Central Administration, senior management;

:: Acceleration of standard processes,
:: Integration with all processes,
:: Keeping productivity at the highest level,
:: Saves time,
:: Providing cost advantages,
:: Facilitation of control tracking and reporting processes,
:: Fast and easy to use,
:: It exhibits an effective and efficient management with many advantages such as better service quality,
In this way, it makes quick and accurate decisions.

Thanks to the Central Government, management;

:: Acceleration of standard processes,
:: Integration with all processes,
:: Keeping productivity at the highest level,
:: Saves time,
:: Providing cost advantages,
:: Facilitation of control tracking and reporting processes,
:: Fast and easy to use,
:: It exhibits an effective and efficient management with many advantages such as better service quality,
In this way, it makes quick and accurate decisions.

Personnel Attendance Control System
This system, which is used to control the personnel working in the field, can be followed up with a personnel attendance control program as well as a planned personnel follow-up. It is a sensitive issue to keep people under control, especially in places where massive entrances and exits are dense. :: All personal information of the personnel is kept in the system. :: It is monitored how early a staff comes to work or how late they leave. :: Thanks to the system, it is a system that reports the monthly salary entitlement or the performance of the staff by processing the data such as overtime, shift changes, leave of absence, absenteeism status of the personnel.

Entry¸ Exit¸ Control Tracking in the Living Area
Keeping the records of the people in the living area is very important. The population, address and personal contact information of the people must be registered in this system. These records are necessary for all transactions to be reported. :: Photos of people who do not have photos can be taken instantly via this module and registered. :: It allows the person to enter and exit with the Turnstile system to record and enter the living center with controlled fingerprints. It provides quick and easy operations for people, such as Help Materials, Permits, Visitors and Defective Products, without filling in an additional document and wasting time. It is a system that reports its performance.

Visitor Entry¸ Exit¸ Control System
In the system, which allows the visitor records to the center to be made without disrupting the entry and exit process and to receive relevant reports on these records, vehicle information is also recorded in the system if the relevant visitors came by vehicle. With this information, entrances and exits to the campus are fully integrated with the system. :: There are options in the table for the mentioned visitor registration:

City, District, Neighborhood, Building, House Occupancy Rates Management
While the occupancy rate of all living areas within the campus is determined, the occupancy rate of the residents is seen relative to the neighborhood. :: The building / house where new people coming to the campus will be located can be determined through these modules. :: In detection process, filtering options such as neighborhood name, street number and house number are available. :: Detailed reports about the occupancy rate can be obtained instantly in the desired format.

Permission Request Management
While monitoring and controlling the entrance and exit of the campus is of great importance, permission management is carried out full-time and controlled thanks to this module. At the stage when the permissions are approved by the management, people can easily enter and exit. :: In case they do not arrive within 24 hours after the permit expires, the system is automatically dropped by the system. :: The blacklist feature available in the permit mechanism is also important. :: People who violate the rules and who need to be punished are added to the blacklist for a certain period of time. :: If the process of adding to the black list is approved by the management, the person cannot get permission in any way and cannot leave the living area. :: When the black list expires, the system automatically removes the obstacle on the person.

Technical Service and Repair Operations
TV, Refrigerator, Satellite Dish, Heater, etc. delivered to the people. The fault process management of the products is also carried out through this system. Applications to repair centers for all faulty and warning devices and fixtures are quickly evaluated and eliminated. :: In case the related request is approved, authorized personnel will see this record and ensure that the necessary procedures begin immediately.

Fixtures and Stock Transactions
Each fixture product with a unique registration number is recorded, and all kinds of data and in a short time, decreasing, needed material support will be provided easily. :: Tif entries are made and the fixtures in the Tif document are entered into the system through this module. :: Tif entry, embezzlement certificate can be obtained in accordance with the entered data. :: Material demand document can be printed. :: The status of the consumables, the delivery status and the remaining consumable status are also monitored from this module. :: The embezzlement status of the fixtures, embezzlement status and remaining fixtures are monitored. :: Detailed reports about the fixtures and consumables system can be obtained instantly in the desired format.

Tracking of Benefit Distribution Procedures
In this module, which manages the management of the aid and external aid sent by the State to the living center and the distribution process to the people, all needs are met on the system. Requests for assistance are always approved by the authorities. :: Aid materials are delivered to people as much as the amount of aid material entered through the system. :: Delivery processes are controlled through the system. :: Detailed reports about this process are instantly received in the desired format on the system.

Task Assignment and Work Planning Processes
Many tasks are carried out in the living centers, and the follow-up of these tasks becomes very difficult considering the number of personnel. :: In order to eliminate this problem, the life center management makes assignments to the relevant personnel through this module. :: Managers convey all their assignments or requests to their personnel through this module, :: Managers can monitor whether the requests submitted are fulfilled by the system. :: They will follow the tasks that people have to do through the system, take the necessary actions related to them and act according to their severity. :: The reports submitted by the system to the life center management through this module contribute positively to the assignment process and reinforce coordination within the accommodation center.

Education Process Management
This module, where the Ministry of National Education, Public Education or other educational processes in the center of life is followed, maintains a list of all educational staff, managers and educational materials. Material support will be provided easily. :: The new training schedule planned and the ongoing training processes are monitored and managed. :: The number of classes and students attending the training center is tracked. :: The success rates related to the trainings and the processes related to the process management are followed. :: All reports regarding the training process are instantly received in the desired format on the system.

Life Center tenders Process Tracking
It is the module where the process of fulfilling the supply of materials or services of the company that won the tenders made by the life centers can be controlled and managed. :: In the tenders to be held, the upper and lower limits can be set for the price to be paid to the products or services. :: The tender procedure can be compared with other centers. :: It ensures that the documents in use after the tender are transferred to the system and the historical documents are easily accessible. :: Supply of purchased products or services allows viewing information such as warranty and maintenance periods from a single center. :: Detailed reporting on this process is done by the system.

Follow-up of Marriage Procedures and Newborn Child Transactions
In order to support the registration, control, maintenance and support of all kinds of needs and problems of children, marriage, divorce and after marriage, BAYAMES infrastructure has provided an environment to share all kinds of information with the state institutions in this area, which can be called a city within the living space. . It can be controlled, reported and shared by the authorities at any time of proportioning, counting and follow-up.

Birth / Death and Hospital Referral Procedures Status Tracking
Persons are directed and followed up to doctors. Doctors can carry out the referral and examination procedures here. The slowness of processing with documents is eliminated. It is sufficient to enter the Life Center with a fingerprint. Follow-ups such as estimating the population in the living area and planning for the future can be made.

Vehicle Tracking and Fuel Operations Tracking
The vehicles in the living area can be separated according to their types and the assignment, fuel purchase, maintenance, insurance and automobile insurance information of each vehicle can be followed. Vehicle payroll information can be viewed and printed out.

Single Point Control of Living Area Water and Electricity Meters
The loading process of cards used for electricity and water use and the balance information of the cards can be checked. Electricity and water distributions can be displayed using information such as history, container and neighborhood.

Forensic Law Affairs Tracking
It is important to correctly punish the crimes committed by people in order to ensure the security of life and property of many people in the living area. In this direction, our system ensures that criminal procedures are carried out effectively, the security and control of the camp by using the incident records effectively. When the judicial transactions of the persons are entered, block operation is applied to the person in the system. This process can be adjusted by management according to crime criteria. Neighborhood based crime rates can be determined with the data obtained from the module related to the reports.