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Transition Systems with Face Recognition

It became one of the more preferred products after the COVID-19 Outbreak.
The reason is that the fingerprinting systems currently in use are replaced with the Face Recognition Personnel Tracking devices that can be switched without touching anything, instead of the fingerprint systems that are used in general, and new ones are preferred.
Facial recognition systems are generally used in personnel attendance controls, entry-exit systems.

Safe transition system is provided with advanced optical technology with face recognition system, face and model extraction algorithm.

In the face recognition system, the first thing is to perform face recognition. The faces of the people are registered to the system with high resolution cameras on the devices. ID number is also given and recorded.

It allows to identify the registered faces by extracting its algorithm by referring to certain points of the face of the device.

Reference points taken when determining are features such as fingerprints that belong only to the individual and will not be found in anyone else. In this way, it is impossible to enter and exit instead of someone else. Our new facial recognition systems are now available in both face recognition and a fingerprint reader.

You can combine, match and compare with the installed systems.
In this system, the wrong conclusion feature is less.