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Card and Encrypted Pass

Card Encrypted pass system is a frequently preferred personnel attendance control system for personnel tracking. Card and encrypted pass devices in the biometric systems class are known as the ancestors of personnel tracking systems.

Although card and encrypted access control devices are generally used for personnel tracking; with these devices, dining hall tracking, student tracking, member tracking, personnel tracking and minibus tracking can also be performed.

Card and encrypted access control devices that you can use in accordance with all tracking software are generally placed in the areas to enter and exit.

If we consider for personnel follow-up, the recording capacities of card and encrypted pass devices also differ. These devices can register between 1,000 and 10,000 cards. Regardless of your number of staff, it is possible to find an ideal solution.

You can also make card definitions for the guests who will come to the areas you will use, if the card and encrypted pass devices are higher than the number of staff.

Thus, the people who will come to your business can enter the areas you have specified.