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Ultraviolet Products


Generally Viruses

  • Viruses are biological beings that show both living and inanimate properties at the same time.
  • Although they have DNA or RNA, they are not made up of cells.
  • They absolutely need a host organism to live.
  • Viruses can cause a wide variety of diseases. They can affect all forms of life, because they need only one host to reproduce.
  • They can be very simple or very complex. Bacteria, unlike viruses, are single-celled creatures with cellular mechanisms that allow them to survive on their own.

Question in Mind

What measures has China taken to reduce the number of new cases to zero?

UV Sterilization products were quickly used in homes, offices and indoor areas.
Personal sterilization applications were provided at the factories, in the closed public areas, in short, in the densities with human density.
The use of masks has become mandatory in all living spaces.

Benefits of Ultraviolet Devices

  • You can safely use Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems at home, at work, in all indoor public spaces, and create a healthy, safe living and working space for individuals in a sterile environment.
  • Sterilization with Ultraviolet Rays is the most effective method that destroys infectious structures caused by all bacteria, microbes and viruses carried by individuals from outside to inside during the day.
  • Since sterilization will be provided with Ultraviolet Rays, it does not leave any drug residue in the environment.
  • By maximizing the health and safety of individuals by providing sterilization of closed areas; maximum protection is provided against all risks.
  • It protects you for many years by preventing loss of time with the use of fake disinfectants and health and cost risks caused by human errors in manpower-based disinfection processes.

Ultraviolet Working Principle

  • Ultraviolet rays, whose wavelength is shorter than the human eye can see but longer than X-rays, are called "ultraviolet". The reason is that the human eye can see the range of red and purple light.
  • This special light, which is used as a sterilizer, is called short wavelength light or UV-C light. This light length enters the UV-C band between 200 nanometers and 280 nanometers.
  • The wavelength of the light required for sterilization is 253.7 nanometers. These lamps are used as sterilizers by applying in different ways depending on the environments they will be used.
  • It neutralizes the DNA and RNA structure of Ultraviolet Bacteria, viruses, mold and fungal spores and neutralizes them.

Academic statements about ultraviolet rays are not harmful to human health

Assoc. Dr. Nuri ÖZKÜTÜK - Celal Bayar University Faculty of Medicine Microbiology and Clinic Department of Microbiology, MANİSA 

Raşit Dinç - President of Health Federation 

Columbia University - Center for Radiological Research - New York 

Niels Ryberg Finsen - Nobel Prize for UVC Ray Sterilization

Surface Applications of Ultraviolet Light in Food Industry

Nurcan Koca, Turkuaz Ecem Saatli, Müge Urgu -Ege University, Faculty of Engineering, Food Engineering Department, Bornova, Izmir

Dr. Özlem Ak - TÜBİTAK Journal of Science and Technology

Videos on the Common Usage of Ultraviolet Products Abroad

Difference Between Sterilization and Disinfection


  • Sterilization is the destruction of all pathogenic or non-pathogenic microorganisms in the inanimate medium.
  • In sterilization, it is aimed to kill all microorganisms that cause disease or not.
  • In sterilization, it destroys all microorganisms, including spores, with or without disease.
  • Cost is Very Low.


  • The effect of disinfection is limited due to the high number of germ bearers although they are healthy and the frequency of uncertain forms of infectious diseases.
  • Disinfectant method is aimed at disease-causing and damaging microorganisms that contain the substance to be disinfected.
  • Disinfectants are not effective in bacterial spores in a short time.
  • The cost is very high.


Viruses and the Future

Viruses have many ways to enter the human body.

Therefore, precautions like mask are not enough.

We are faced with new virus types caused by masses mixed with the sea due to the closure of the differences between day and night due to climate changes caused by global warming and melting of glaciers.

While -30 of the viruses that cause colds are not known today, many viruses such as Corona Virus (COVID-19) will appear in the future and we should work harder to take precautions.





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