Sizi Arayalım

Warning Signs

Warning signs and plaques are vehicles that convey hazards of reservoir and downstream areas of HEPP facility and indicate dangerous behavior. Warning signs; It is remarkable, easy to understand, visible and readable (phosphorous), simple and durable even in a dark environment.
In studies; It is important that the size, shape of the plates, the symbols used in the content are easily understandable and the contrasting color in front of the natural background in the area where the plate is mounted.

It is important that the information it contains is easy to read so that the plate work to be performed can serve the purpose of informing and attracting attention. In this sense, the height, spacing, width, percentage of the number and letter sequences forming the message that may affect the percentage on the writing style sheet area are important. Therefore; - The message should be sent with the shortest possible definition. - Capital letters are used in the part where the message is emphasized. Since the letters to be used will be easy to read, the width / height ratio should be selected in appropriate sizes. Easy Visibility Choosing the receiver (destination) correctly in the transmission of the message is important for visibility. For example, the assembly (direction, height) of a plate positioned on the main road and the assembly of the plate work for riverbed, crossing points and settlement points differ.

The plate work on the main road should be placed perpendicular to the road route, perpendicular to the direction of exposure for the residential area and the danger area. In the plate work to be made on the main road, the proximity of the plate will increase its visibility. It is suitable to be placed between the nearest distance (0.50 m) on the road, which will not create any danger, and the farthest distance (1.50 m) where perception will not be lost. The height of the boards from the ground; It should be determined according to the eye level in areas without pedestrian traffic, the height between the plate base and the ground should be kept between 120-140 cm. In areas where there is pedestrian traffic, the height between the floor of the plate and the ground should be kept between 200-220 cm in order to avoid danger.