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Border Early Warning and Security Technologies

Border security is a border warning early warning and security system, designed for large areas to be controlled by wired / wireless and video analytical system, to be controlled by border security.

We make different production and system installations according to the wired / wireless border early warning system projector.

Thanks to the diversity of our border early warning system, it is possible to control large areas with a small number of products.
We also have solutions for environments that are dark, rainy, snowy, heavy rain and cloudy.
By offering solutions with a video analysis system that can work with IP or thermal cameras, we have developed systems suitable for different features of the market.

By using RF communication, it is possible to work successfully by using Microwave detectors and sensors

Wired / Wireless border early warning system has a very simple interface for your use. Remote maintenance works with the latest technologies to ensure fast communication with the central monitoring station and to ensure the smooth operation of the system.
It is used for all institutions and organizations, especially defense industry, border posts, security and security units that have added ADOREL Wired / Wireless Border Early Warning System to their offices.

ADOREL, which has developed very important Projects on Border Security Systems, Cannot Share This Information.