Sizi Arayalım

Accordion Barriers

- Accordion barriers that are in demand with their aesthetic appearance and easy handling are also very comfortable to carry.
- You can have modules that can be added to each other and you can have any length you want.
- Accordion barriers that provide fixed or movable use are resistant to tipping over.
- It can be used easily in all weather conditions, indoors and outdoors.

Accordion barrier specifications
- It consists of lockable modules that can be added to each other.
- An additional module can be added to the accordion barrier, of which 1 is open in length and 2 meters in length.
- Suitable for fixed or mobile use.
- There are 7 posts in the module and 4 of them have a total of 8 wheels.
- The weight of the acardion barrier is 20 kg and it is easily portable.
- Open length of the barrier is 200 cm and it can reach 210 cm max.
- Its wheels are 9.5 cm in diameter.
Accordion barrier usage areas

- Rally areas
- Parking entrances and exits
- Entries to Nizamiye
- Concert and event areas
- Crime scene prevention
- Directing crowds to certain points