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Environmental Protection in DSİ Energy Purpose Facilities, Security Systems Application Guide

Published by the General Directorate of DSI between 26-10-2015;
According to the criteria of “Environmental Protection, Safety and Warning Systems Application Guide in Energy Purpose Facilities”, exploration work is carried out by our geology engineers in the HEPP responsibility area for the project implementation start in hydroelectric power plants, and the situation is evaluated with the energy unit officers or power plant managers according to this study.

:: Project File preparation process begins,
:: Prepared project file is evaluated with the company officials and company approval is obtained,
:: The Project File is submitted to the Dsi Regional Directorate for the hydroelectric power plant,
:: Project file approval is received from Dsi Regional Directorate,
:: The products included in the approved project file are mounted on the hydroelectric power plant site,
:: After the installation phase, the project is accepted to the relevant DSI Regional Directorate according to the criteria of Environmental Protection, Security and Warning Systems Implementation Guide in Energy Purpose Facilities.