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Wireless Voice Light Early Warning

Dam Early Warning and Automation Akeus (Intelligent Wireless Early Warning System);
Design and Production for the first time in Turkey;
It is an important security application carried out by ADOREL, providing wireless communication using RF signals, computer controlled, produced to meet the needs of the dam and HEPP areas.



Akeus Consists Of The Following Parts:
Akeus Terminal Device: It is the device that contains an antenna, wireless communication module, siren, speaker, flashing lamp, flasher, battery and temperature sensor.
Solar Panel: It is the portable element used to meet the energy needs of the terminal device and to feed the battery.
Alarm: Visual and audible warning elements consisting of Siren and Flashing Flasher Lamp. Audible alerts on the terminal; It can be set as siren or announcement or as both siren and announcement.

Battery: The terminal is the energy storage element that meets the energy needs of the device and saves energy by storing the energy from the solar panel.
Temperature Sensor: It is the auxiliary element that provides the terminal ambient temperature to be sent to the Central Control Unit.
Motion Sensor: It is the unit that sends a warning to the center in possible interventions to the terminal.

Wireless Voice Light Warning System features
Wireless Early Warning System in Dams and HEPPs is resistant to external factors.
It provides kilometers of communication without distance limit.
System working style and time can be adjusted.

Terminals in the system can be run, stopped or stopped at the same time.
Terminals in the system can be run group, group can be stopped simultaneously.
All Terminals in the system can be run or stopped simultaneously.
The system can be operated by integrating it into the Central Automation system.
Even if the air is turned off, the system can work for 4-6 days without interruption.
All Terminal settings in the system are made through the program.
It allows unlimited announcements.
It can operate at -30 to +60 air temperature.

The following tests are performed without operating the Wireless Audio Light Warning System.

AKEUS receiver communication, battery voltage value information is received and working status, whether the solar panel is working correctly, whether the speaker gives a sound warning or not, the information of the visual led lamp flashing, the internal temperature information of the system box is done. Even if there is one or more units or modules that do not work as a result of the test, the system continues to operate.

Wireless Voice Light Early Warning Software Features

It provides ease of use and quick access to the information needed with its professional software infrastructure, flexible and useful interface.
Each user can be given separate access privileges to the program.
Information about the terminals appears on the Summary Information Screen.
Alerts are tracked through the software.
By opening the dam covers in Hydroelectric Power Plants, the units start to operate directly by the user or automatically with the Akeus smart unit trigger.
There are 4 different Unit operating mechanisms, namely 1st Unit, 2nd Unit, 3rd Unit and Dam Caps.
Energy and Sensor Graphics appear on the screen.

All devices working / not working and status check are done.
In the test process, whether the unit receives a signal, speaker operation status, LED light operation status, solar panel connection status, battery connection status, battery voltage information, solar panel energy production information, temperature of the system box are tested and displayed graphically on the screen.
Systems can be grouped in any number.
In reporting, access to the desired information is made easier by filtering as date, time, unit and group.
If several systems suddenly switch to operating state while a system is running, a warning is given by operating the system according to the predetermined time.
The working system and non-working systems can be seen respectively.

The system can be started or stopped individually, as a group or the whole system at the same time.

The reports are stored in the database, can be viewed retrospectively and can be printed.