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Palm Thermometer

Palm Thermometer

Palm Thermometer

Handheld Automatic Thermometer Mini Terminal Practical temperature measurement solution forSchools, Hospitals, Hotels

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  • To Make Correct Measurement;

  • Choosing  The Right Products
  • Establishing the Right System
  • Making Correct Settings in the System
  • Correctly Trained Technical Company Choice

Product Technical Description

Measuring System
Infrared non-contact thermometer
Standby Time
About 1 Week
For Abnormal Temperature
Automatic alarm Flashing red light
Continuous alarm sound
5 - 10 CM
Internal Battery 

2600 mAH (48 Hours working time)
Charger Specifications
USB Charging or battery use
Mounting Type
Fixing with double-sided tape screws. Tripota Mounting
Dijital Display
Measurement temperature 
0 °C - 80 °C-
Ambient Temperature 
5 °C - 45 °C-
Reaction time 

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