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Fever Meter with Face and Palm Recognition

Fever Meter with Face and Palm Recognition

Product features

  • It will not be contacted while measuring the temperature.
  • Abnormal measurement information is automatically recorded.
  • Sick people are archiving their photos automatically.
  • Facial recognition Our device, which is produced as an infrared thermal thermometer, detects the person from a distance of 3 meters and directs it to the device with a voice command and will measure the body temperature with a face recognition method at a distance of 50 cm.
  • The contactless body temperature meter device will allow the staff or visitors to pass by automatically opening the doors, turnstiles etc. devices without contact after sensing the normal body temperature.
  • When the device detects abnormal body temperature, it will prevent the opening of the door / turnstile with an audible alert and help detect a potentially infectious epidemic or disease by alerting it in advance.
  • The terminal has functions such as offline face recognition, temperature detection, mask recognition, authentication, face-to-face data collection, live detection.
  • It features fast face recognition speed, high accuracy and a large memory capacity.
  • It can be used with application management systems such as real name management system, face access control and visitor management system.

To Make the Right Measurement;

Choosing the Right Products
Installing the Right System
Making the Right Settings in the System
Properly Trained Technical Firm Preference

Product Technical Description

Ado-Termal- V5L[TD]
5-inc Touch screen
Face Capacity
Palm Capacity
Fingerprint Capacity
Card Capacity
No Card Feature
Standard Features
ADMS, T9 Input, DST, Camera, 9-digit User ID, Acess Levels, Groups, Holidays, Anti- passback, Record Query, Tamper Switch Alarm, Multiple Verify Modes.
900MHz Dual Core CPU Memory 512MB RAM / 8G Flash 2MP WDR Low Light Camera 
Adjustable Light Brightness LED
TCP/IP, WiFi (Optional), Wiegand input / output, RS485
Access Control Interface
3rd Party Electric Lock, Door Sensor,Exit Button, Alarm output, Auxiliary Input
Optional Feature
Face Recognition Speed
Biometric Algorithm
ZKFace V5.8 & ZKFinger V10.0 & ZKPalm V12.0
Power Supply
12V 3A
Ambient temperature
-10 °C- 45 °C
Dimensions (W*H*D)



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