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Community Fever Meter with Thermal Camera

Community Fever Meter with Thermal Camera

High Sensitivity I Contactless Solution
• Providing a safe shopping environment for customers and a safe working environment for employees with some easy measures against the Covid-19 outbreak.
• Easy to install and use. High precision and non-contact measurement up to 0.3 ° C.
• The thermal camera solution, which can measure the body temperature very precisely up to 3m distance, allows you to get fast results by working with high accuracy and efficiency with its artificial intelligence algorithm,

  • Automatic capture of abnormal temperature alarm, taking photos and recording video continuously,

• Ability to measure up to 16 people at the same time in mass transit,
• When a person with high body temperature is detected; producing audible and video alarms, taking snapshots and sending e-mails,
• To be able to distinguish the perceived values from different temperature sources by focusing on the temperature measurement areas in the human body.
• Simultaneous monitoring of thermal and optical images in real time.
• Ability to offer end-to-end solutions with thermal imager, reference measuring device, network recorder and video management software.

Instant Status
Low efficiency is achieved in thermometers and infrared detectors.
Manual temperature calculation increases workload with high risk.
Manual registration is inefficient.
It is very difficult to collect personnel information.

The situation that should be
It is not contacted while measuring the temperature.
At the same time, more than one person is measured quickly and accurately.
Abnormal measurement information is automatically recorded.
Pictures of sick people are archived automatically.

To Make the Right Measurement;

Choosing the Right Products,
Establishing the Right System,
Making the correct settings of the system,
Properly Trained Technical Firm Preference,

Scope of application;

Train Stations
Bus stations
Public institutions and organizations
Shopping malls
Production facilities
Any environment with input and output collectively

You Must Wear Mask
You should wash your hands constantly
Must be Isolated
Don't Travel Unless You Have Too Much
Do Not Touch Your Face With Your Hands

Do Not Shake Hands

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